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What is An Upright Walker

What is An Upright Walker

What is An Upright Walker

The introduction of the upright walker is a revolutionary breakthrough to the world of mobility aids.  An upright walker is a 4-wheeled rolling walker with forearm supports and grips that allows users to walk in a proper, upright posture with better balance verses  the hunched posture that occurs from using a standard Rolling Walker [Rollator].  Upright walkers are lightweight and fold easily for transporting or storage.  Many optional accessories are available.  Whether young adult or seasoned senior, the upright walker provides greater comfort, confidence and independence than with a traditional Rolling Walker [Rollator].

What are the Benefits or Using an Upright Walker?

Using an upright walker can improve your posture and provide even greater safety and stability while lessening, or relieving, the pressure on your hands, wrists and back that you may feel when using a typical rollator.

As with traditional walkers, the upright walkers can be used both indoors and outdoors.  The adjustable handle height allows for a perfect fit, while the larger wheels allow uses to more easily navigate rougher surfaces.  The increase in posture, support and stability helps users retain, or regain, their active lifestyles and walk further with increased confidence and dignity.  

An upright walkers are especially helpful to users for shopping, exercise, attend social events, family gatherings and daily living with less fall risk.  You can even take a break, resting on the comfortable fabric seat.  

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