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Elenker Walker

Our mobility walkers are designed to help your back remain upright and active when standing or walking. Stable, Secure, Fordable , Convenient, Reliable and Comfortable.

10 Years Warranty*

We design our walker to last and stay comfortable for a long, long time. So if something goes wrong, we’ve got your back.


Trusted Brands

At Elenker Walker believe that our clients deserve a reliable and comfortable alternative to crutches. Our products are: FDA approved 100% tested before use Easy to use

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Great Quality & Price

The Freedom to Move shouldn't be expensive. We believe that everyone deserves high quality mobility devices at a reasonable price.


Customer Testimonials

The Elenker Rollator is much more comfortable to use than my old walker. I can stand straight up, instead of leaning over to hold the brakes. Assembly was easy and only took about five minutes. The Rollator folds much smaller than my old walker and is much lighter. I am very happy with this product.Curt Massey, Trussville, AL.

Anabel Streich

I have not been able to walk any further than my driveway for at least one year. Now with this new up walker from Elenker I can walk for 4 to 5 blocks I have only had it for 2 days and already walking that far without pain. I am so happy to be able to go for a walk with my husband. I m sure I can walk further each day without bending I stand up straight with this walker. I can’t thank you enough forgiving me my life back

Carol Hyde

Mom looks and feels 20 years younger with her new ELENKER Euro Style Upright Walker! She had been using a standard walker and was always favoring her left side and her shoulder always hurt. What a difference, and almost immediately! This is the first time we've seen her stand and walk straight up for over two years... Thanks to ELENKER for providing a well built Upright Walker at a very competitive price!!!

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