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Why Get a Rollator/Transport Chair?

While a rollator/transport chair may be more expensive than a traditional rollator, the freedom and flexibility it affords often justifies the additional cost. A rollator/transport chair is an easily transformable rollator that can quickly and easily be changed into a convenient lightweight wheelchair. This is especially helpful on long trips or for travel, when a rollator user may otherwise be tired and need time to rest. Here are some benefits of a rollator/transport chair:

  • Rollator/transport chairs are lighter than traditional wheelchairs, making them easier to take with you on trips, be they to the store or across the world.
  • All-in-one products are great for transitioning from an injury. Perfect for knee and hip replacements, this chair can transition with you. Start with a transport chair and gradually work up to the rollator without needing a replacement!
  • Rollator/transport chairs are great for travel. They often fold up smaller than traditional rollators or wheelchairs, and some even fit in easily-carried storage bags. They can work as a wheelchair in a busy airport or be used as a walking aid on a stroll around the countryside.

Often, having a rollator/transport chair allows you to go further and farther because you have the added benefit of a wheelchair, when and if you need it!

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